Rebound Electronics

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a major part of the Rebound Group offering. Whether you want to take the cost out of an existing product or are working on a new design, our teams of value engineers are on hand to provide effective additional resources to your engineering and procurement teams.

Industry Feedback has confirmed that many electronic component specifiers find the identification of a ‘best fit’ product is often highly labour and resource intensive. Our approach is to take all of the hassle out of the process by providing you with a comprehensive options service.

Rather than expecting our customers to find technical data and identify differences between options, Rebound can do all of that for you. Whether it be a new product introduction or a value engineering driven exercise, we will clearly highlight all of the critical parameters you have specified and highlight any differences so that your engineers have a ‘low touch’ ability to confirm that options are viable. This reduces time to implementation so that you can start to benefit from optimising your AVL and BOM selections quickly using our resources.

Key strengths include passive and electromechanical items, such as Relays, Transformers, Fans, Capacitors, inductors and also ancillary products. Even if you use an EMS partner to procure and populate at PCBA level, there are numerous areas where we can add value and reduce your cost of ownership.

If you specify or procure ancillary items, such as batteries, enclosures, interconnect, keypad, display products or cable assemblies we can help.

Our comprehensive design support services include:

  • Existing BOM VA/VE review
  • ‘Best fit’ product alignment
  • NPI specialists that can reduce your time to market
  • Multiple line approvals maximise supply chain stability
  • Ability to understand technology roadmaps for each manufacturer and factoring this into product selection

Value engineering is a major part of the Rebound Group offering