Rebound Electronics

PCB Supply

At Rebound, we understand that choosing the right PCB supplier is one of the most important decisions within your materials management remit. Our unique position as an independent Hybrid distributor allows us to supply customers with quality PCBs of all types quickly, reliably and efficiently.

We offer a number of differentiators that offer you a competitive advantage:

  • Over a decade of Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis which assures the highest quality of PCB
  • Fast turnaround lead times, as quickly as 24 hours, are available. Standard production lead times from 7 days are available
  • A UK based engineering team is available for all technical support
  • Strong in all volume and mix categories
  • Alignment of best fit long established facilities for your requirements
  • Technologies range from single sided through to 36 layers

PCB Supply from leading distributor, Rebound Electronics