Rebound Electronics


We pride ourselves in delivering a unique approach to electronic component kitting and this service forms part of our enviable reputation.

Using our proprietary component management system we have taken the concepts of electronics supply chain management and kitting to a whole new level, ensuring that our customers receive complete, assembly ready kits when and where they are needed.

Advantages of kitting:

  • Additional leverage of a significant consolidated spend
  • Vendor reduction
  • Ability to track your business and manage pipeline requirements anywhere in the world
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Space saving
  • Indirect cost and overhead efficiencies
  • Introduction to ideally suited EMS partners

Recognising that each customer’s needs are different and varied, we provide a tailored service package that takes the BOM and individual requirements to supply it as a complete package. This global service helps with new product introductions as well as throughout the product's lifecycle by removing the headaches of inventory and supply chain management.

With a proven track record in supply chain logistics we are consistently helping our customers to streamline their production and deliver a competitive advantage. Delivering complete, assembly ready, error-free kits that are driven by your sales and not your forecasts saves you time and money by reducing lead times and matching delivery with production schedules. It also consolidates administration with just one purchase order and one invoice.



"Our relationship with Rebound has grown from relatively small beginnings to a full turnkey package. The transition has been smooth and painless. From the control of BOMs, kitting, recyclable packaging, stock control, right through to delivery to site. As our business has grown, so has the need to control quality, cost and delivery and Rebound have delivered the solution. The process has been made easier by the enthusiasm and expertise of the Rebound team and there has been a high level of assistance at every step of the process. Our products are top of the range and our supply chain needs to match it. We now have the confidence that it does." - EnviroVent Ltd