Rebound Electronics

material cost reduction & Global Market Pricing

Reducing your costs without compromising quality is a philosophy we strongly believe in. Through a global network of purchasing centres we are able to offer you products from the most cost-effective market territories, combining our global sourcing capabilities and extensive experience to analyse your BOM (Bill of Materials) and find you the best products at the best prices.

Today's electronics manufacturing service industry is arguably one of the most competitive industries and conventional purchase of line items on a BOM is generally set to a standard cost, which can only generate 5-10% gross profit for the manufacturer.
Purchase Price Variance (PPV), is one of the most effective methods for measuring cost savings. We study the market for opportunities that allow our customers to take advantage of a positive PPV, normally due to regional, quantificational and seasonal price variances.
Our sophisticated information system is able to draw on over ten years of purchasing and sales history combined with up to the minute component availability. This bespoke system combined with the wealth of management experience available at Rebound, ensures that we find the most competitive price available.

Increase your revenue with material cost reduction:

  • BOM / AVL analysis
  • Alignment of most cost effective approved materials within AVL
  • Procurement from lowest cost authorisation channels
  • Local to local sourcing around the world
  • Global channel and category expertise ensures value for money