Rebound Electronics


Freeway Electronics is a newly formed division of the Rebound Group offering specialist distribution of a range of electronic, electro-mechanical and power products.

Based within the Group’s headquarters in Newbury, Freeway combines a highly experienced management team with a number of leading manufacturers to support a wide range of industries, including Medical, Automotive, Fire & Security, Lighting, Power, Metering and Instrumentation.

By working with a small number of carefully selected manufacturers, Freeway is able to provide exceptional levels of focus and support. The Company offers high quality products that are generally more competitively priced than others in the marketplace, with strong technical back-up.

The Group’s global sales offices enable Freeway to support business anywhere in the world, including the shipment of product from the factory directly to our customer’s manufacturing locations.

Products on offer include:

  • Batteries
  • Optocouplers, Optical Switches & MOSFET Relays
  • LEDs
  • Switches & keypads
  • Connectors & Terminal Blocks
  • EMC & Magnetic Components
  • Capacitors

For a full list of products & manufacturers please click here.