Rebound Electronics

Excess Material Management

Issues such as over-forecasting, downsizing and end-of-life situations can result in the problem of excess inventory. This surplus inventory ties up capital and incurs the costs of management and storage. Our dedicated excess stock and asset disposal team proactively market your excess material to maximise returns and contribute directly to your bottom line.

Whether you are looking for immediate disposal of your excess inventory or to have it professionally managed, we offer a flexible, effective and confidential solution with one of our excess management programmes. We can cross-match your excess material with years of IP to ensure that all customer enquiries, quotes and sales histories are reviewed. We then proactively prioritise and market your material to targeted prospects.

We can evaluate the current value of your excess inventory and make customers an outright offer helping them realise an immediate return. This service is available on individual lines or entire lots.

We also offer an alternative with our consignment inventory programme. Using this method we can help you realise the potential value of your excess inventory, whilst you retain control. Our transparent approach policy, with on-hand settlement reports, provides full visibility and enables you to monitor your return.

We are also able to handle the disposal of inventory when necessary. In a time when the environmental issues surrounding the disposal of electronic devices is prevalent, it’s good to know that we only partner with environmentally aware agencies that can safely dispose of your unusable stock in-line with all current legislation.

Our comprehensive Excess Material Management service includes:

  • On-site review and qualification of your excess material
  • Cross match to every logged historical interest in your inventory
  • Proactive marketing by a dedicated team
  • NPI project support in less mature markets that use older technologies
  • Accurate and regular reporting of progress
  • Timely issue of payments related to material sales
  • Safe and secure disposal of inventory stock

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