Rebound Electronics


The Rebound Group is leading the way to give you genuine supply options tailored to your business needs. Our dedicated approach to the sourcing of electronics components means that we provide customers with the full range of services that help them concentrate on their core competencies and ultimately save time and money.

By combining the traditional strengths and expertise of a professional broker together with the operations of a Franchised Distributor we deliver a unique blend of value propositions, which together are called Hybrid Distribution. This is supported by our total commitment to quality.  Hybrid Distribution centres on the following key service offerings:


Shortage and obsolescence

A sudden upturn in production or supply failure by another vendor can lead to shortage issues. With our fast enquiry response times, unrivalled sourcing and experience in global logistics, we can deliver the solutions you need. Find out more


material cost reduction and Global Market Pricing

Through a global network of purchasing centres, Rebound can offer you products from the most cost-effective market territories. Find out more


PCB Supply from Rebound ElectronicsPCB Supply

Rebound supplies customers with quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) of all types. Find out more



Rebound offers a tailored approach to kitting, and ensures that all customers receive complete assembly-ready kits when and where they are needed. Find out more


Excess material management

Rebound’s dedicated excess stock and asset disposal team proactively market your excess material. Find out more


Value Engineering

At Rebound, our teams of value engineers are on hand to provide effective additional resources to your engineering and procurement teams. Find out more


Vendor Tail Management

Reduce your vendors by up to 80% with Rebound, who can assist in helping to significantly streamline your supply chain. Find out more



Part of the Rebound Group, Freeway Lighting Solutions offers a wide range of LED products, supported by a strong technical team who can work with you from initial concept through to product delivery. Find out more

freeway battery solutions

Part of the Rebound Group, Freeway Battery Solutions supplies bespoke battery packs for all markets.  Find out more


Worldwide Procurement

Our customers rely on our reach and experience in the global sourcing market to ensure we pass on the many benefits this position enjoys. We set up two dedicated purchasing offices, one in Asia and a European office based in our head office. Find out more