Rebound Electronics

Our SC21 Accreditation

In July 2012, Rebound Electronics became the first UK electronic components distributor to achieve the prestigious SC21 Silver accreditation.  We were re-accredited for SC21 Silver in February 2013.  

The SC21 Silver level is focused on quality performance, on-time delivery performance and a commitment to continuous improvement. It is awarded to companies that can provide verified customer performance data.

In order to achieve this level of quality and excellence, Rebound has followed an intense Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan (CSIP), which is focused on business improvements.

Through working on the SC21 programme, along with the introduction of the CSIP, Rebound has seen significant improvements in its workplace organisation and operations through the initial manufacturing and business excellence assessments and the implementation of an NVQ training programme for Lean and Business Improvement Techniques.

With an increasing number of companies committing to SC21, the military, aerospace and defence industry will benefit from a raised performance of its supply chains, and an increased awareness by business into how the industry will develop and change in the future. Benefits that Rebound will directly gain from achieving SC21 include:

  • Reduction of overheads from implementing business excellence and lean principles
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Cost reductions
  • Company-wide operational improvements

Cultivating Supply Chains for the 21st Century, or SC21, was founded by military and aerospace primes including BAE Systems, Eaton Aerospace and General Dynamics, who recognised that the level of supplier audits required for each of them to operate autonomously resulted in high levels of costly and inefficient duplication.

By working together and founding SC21, the largest and most influential design authorities within the military and aerospace market have been able to pool their knowledge and recognise organisations with exceptional levels of quality and on-time delivery.

In addition to SC21, Rebound identified that AS9120, the distribution version of AS9100, would be highly relevant to the business as a whole. The requirements of SC21 are equally stringent to those of AS9120, and are wholly complimentary.

AS9120 focuses on traceability and a full understanding of customer terms and conditions and KPIs. The SC21 award system is geared towards the measurement of quality, on-time delivery and continuous sustainable improvement.

A combination of both AS9120 and SC21 is a huge step forward for Rebound and our ability to support all of our customers. By offering this high level of service excellence, all of our customers will benefit, not just those in military and aerospace.